CoolSculpting DualSculpting for Men

Take Your Body to the Next Level with CoolSculpting – Non-Surgical Liposuction For Men

You take care of your body. You eat right, hit the gym, get in your cardio, break a sweat with each repetition. But let’s face it: not every man is going to be able to train his way to a rock-hard abdomen with perfect definition. Especially for those of us who have dropped a significant amount of weight, it can be frustrating to still have unwanted pockets of fat on the upper and lower stomach, chest, or “love handles.”

The good news? You don’t have to empty your savings account or go under the knife to make some significant improvements to your body! A revolutionary, noninvasive procedure called CoolSculpting can actually reduce fat without downtime. In one or more private sessions, areas of concern are treated by a process that literally freezes fat beneath the skin. Over the following several weeks, fat cells destroyed by this process are naturally metabolized by the body.

No needles. No incisions. Just inches discreetly and painlessly lost from the places you want them gone. Only takes 35 minutes to lose the love handles or 1 hour and 10minutes to take away the tummy bulge as well!

Sound too good to be true? Rajani MD is a leading CoolSculpting practitioner whose results speak for themselves. We encourage you to view our galleries of before and after photos to see for yourself just what all the fuss is about. When you are ready to learn more or to schedule your own session, we offer flexible appointments in the private, spa-like atmosphere of our downtown Portland practice.

Why wait? Call us today at 503.303.8313 and let us help kick your hard work up to the next level.

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